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Japan Powder Powder , snow Natural , hot springs

Satoyama, or farming lands near hills and mountains, where traditional craftwork and intangible cultural assets have been handed down through the generations.
Togari Onsen attracts visitors from abroad with its beautifully unfolding seasonal landscape, unique to mountainous areas in Japan. In addition to warm hospitality from the local people, you will enjoy excellent traditional craftwork and intangible cultural assets. There is also a temple town nearby, where you can visit numerous small temples, all full of charm and atmosphere.

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The rustic beauty of Iiyama

Dosojin Fire FestivalNowadays, more and more tourists visit the Togari Onsen area to experience the internationally famous Dosojin Fire Festival, held in nearby Nozawa Onsen. There are also plenty of ski grounds in the area, like Nozawa Onsen and Madarao Highlands, all with high quality powder snow, renowned as Japan Powder.

(伝統工芸や無形文化財が 継承される里山

Togari OnsenTogari Onsen is famous for gold-and-silver relief lacquerware and traditional fine Japanese paper called ‘washi.’ Among various temples in the area, Daishoji Temple, a zen temple where you can experience the practices and mind of zen, is also a popular attraction for tourists. Local festivals held in autumn are so special and unique that some are designated as intangible cultural assets. (See Iiyama City’s English website.)


Japanese-style guest rooms feature ‘kotatsu’ heated tables. A traditional Japanese hot pot dish is also served in your room.


The entire hotel is centrally heated, making your stay here warm and comfortable, even in the depths of a freezing winter.

All year round
Zen meditation・Temple visiting
・Zen meditation
・Traditional craftwork (Buddhist altars, Gold-and-silver relief lacquerware)


snow monkeySnow Monkey Tour
Half-day tour to meet the Snow monkeys!!
Please consult the front desk about pick-up to depature place.

Departure : from Nozawa-onsen Kotsu's office and Iiyama station(Madarao Exit)
Tour Price : Including Round-trip Fare & Monkey park admission fee (Tax included).
Adult 5500yen
Child* 3500yen(*Child : under 12 year of age.)
Infant** free(** Infant : under 4 year of age.In case a seat is needed ,we will ask a child tour rate.)
..more detail and book : Snow monkey Tour


詳細とご予約はこちらから Snow monkey Tour

・Take a refreshing stroll on the remaining snow, in mountains full of phytoncides emitted by plants and trees.
・Sake, matured under the snow, is dug up and recovered.
・Fishing for Iwana, Japanese trout, a lot of fun. River fish is served as sashimi.
・Nanohana Park comes to life in a sea of rapeseed blossoms.


・Local cuisine is served with summer vegetables sourced from local areas.
・Rafting in the Chikuma River, canoeing, and standup paddling (SUP).


・Visitors are welcomed by beautiful autumn colors.
・Trails are softly covered with fallen broad-leaves.
・The Autumn Festival is designated as an intangible culture asset of Japan.


・A variety of winter sports are available.
・Japan Powder, the best quality soft powder snow.
・’Kamakura’ snow huts offer a totally unique experience.

・ジャパンパウダー フカフカのパウダースノー

戸狩温泉 アルペンプラザ

Information for facilities and guestrooms (施設案内、部屋案内)

Natural hot spring baths

The hotel has its own natural hot spring bath, or you could try, Akatsuki, located two minutes on foot from the hotel. The hot spring water of Togari Onsen is especially good for a variety of ailments, including relief from muscle pain and fatigue, among other. Famous for its skin-care qualities, you will find a clear difference in how your skin feels after bathing, in particular, its smoothness.

Western style guestrooms

Ideal for guests who are not comfortable with tatami flooring, or have a leg or back pains. A comfortably wide bed gives you a relaxing sleep, and maintains your core body warmth after taking a relaxing hot spring bath.

(畳が苦手というお客様や足や腰の痛い方にも快適にお過ごしいただけます。 ゆったりと広いベッドで、湯上りの心地よいあたたかさのままお休みください。)

Japanese style guestrooms

・Three types of Japanese style guestrooms: 12-tatami room with toilet, 10-tatami room, and 8-tatami room
A Japanese futon is prepared for you on the tatami flooring in the evening. This style of bedding is extremely relaxing, and conducive to stretching out with a few casual drinks!

( 和室(12畳バス、トイレ付き)(10畳)(8畳)の3タイプ

Other facilities
Banquet rooms (reservation required), dry room for skis and snowboards, arcade game corner, rental shop for skis and snowboards. At Cheers, a one-coin bar, have an enjoyable and sophisticated time with a nice drink.

戸狩温泉 アルペンプラザ

Fine foods, Local cuisines in the Shinshu area

We serve mainly local specialties.

Local cuisines in the Shinshu area

合宿 お料理

‘Matsu’ Course
We welcome you with delicious dishes using a variety of seasonal foods.
During the green season, a famous local dish called ‘sasazushi’ is served with your dinner. It is said that Sasazushi was offered by local people to Uesugi Kenshin during his war against Takeda Shingen, one of most famous samurai warriors of the 16th century.

Furusato Saizen is a dinner made with locally sourced vegetables, along with freshly collected mountain vegetables. It has long been believed that these fresh local vegetables have numerous health benefits, including warding off illness, and we aim to serve meals that are both delicious and healthy.

Example of dishes during the winter season or for a large group 
We aim to serve meals that cater to your needs.

dishs cuisine

Steamed in a box

Steamed in a box
Locally harvested vegetables, mushrooms and Miyuki Pork steamed together. This healthy and tasty dish comes with vinegar soy-sauce and grated Japanese horse radish.



Also known as Kenshi-zushi. It is said to have been offered during a war by local people to Uesugi Kenshin, a samurai warrior in the 16th century.


Miyuki Pork

Miyuki Pork
Pork greatly aids the body in recovery from fatigue. The local Japan Agricultural Cooperatives group is proudly promoting the Miyuki Pork brand, whose fat is especially mild and sweet. In the Togari Onsen area, the pork is uniquely cooked with apples, giving it the name ‘Apple Pork’.

JAいいやまみゆまが誇るブランドポーク。脂身が特に甘みがあり、りんごを食べている訳ではないのですが、戸狩温泉ではりんごをプラスした料理を 創作し"りんご豚"とネーミング。ぶた肉には疲労回復効果があります。)

Sizzled on the plate

Sizzled on the plate
Mouth-watering meat and vegetables done to a beautiful brown on a ceramic plate.


Shinshu soba

Shinshu soba
The most famous specialty of the Shinshu area.
It is perfect as the last dish for a special dinner.



A gorgeous dish for winter, Buri-daikon
Slowly and carefully simmered yellow tail (buri) and Japanese horse radish (daikon). The deep and delicate taste is a winter treat.


Oyaki dumplings

Oyaki dumplings
Oyaki dumplings, a local specialty, are now being promoted internationally. Once baked, oyakis are steamed to be served.


Nozawana pickles

Nozawana pickles
Nozawana pickles are one of most famous local foods. Please enjoy our nozawana, which was carefully pickled here in this hotel.


Apple Fuji

Apple ‘Fuji’
Grown in Obuse, Nagano Prefecture.
The orchard is run by the hotel owner’s sister, and the apples are considered to be the most delicious in the Shinshu Area.

小布施産のふじ。 オーナーの実姉の農園で採れたりんごは、信州NO.1)

戸狩温泉 アルペンプラザ

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